1st Balkan Clubs Blitz Team Battle Arena

Our Club Volos Chess Academy is organizing the 1st Balkan Clubs Blitz Team Battle Arena on our favorite server lichess.org. Here are the details:

  1. Date and Time: Sunday 26/04 – 8.pm Athens Time
  2. Thinking Time and Duration:  3′ + 2″ , the Tournament will hold for 150 minutes
  3. Number of Leaders: The number is defined to 5 but if a lot of players will join it may be increased to 8 or 10.
  4. Arena rules: If you are new on lichess Arena format you can read the rules here
  5. Participation: In order to participate your club needs to have a team on lichess.org and your members should be part of it. Then, contact voloschessacademy via lichess and text us your team’s name and it’s link.
  6. All the winners will be announced here and on our facebook page


The Link of the Tournamenthttps://lichess.org/tournament/DKEKlz8P

Teams participating till now:

  1. Volos Chess Academy (Greece)
  2. Šahovski savez grada Kragujevca (Serbia)

  3. Banovci Dunav (Serbia)

  4. Chess Club SRIMIUM Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia)

  5. Juzna Pruga (Serbia)

  6. Struga Chess Team (North Macedonia)

  7. Southroad (Serbia)

  8. Chess Club Novi Zagreb (Croatia)

  9. Podunavac – Belegiš (Serbia)






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